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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A while ago I saw a call from a photographer CintaJansen on Facebook.

She was looking for a team of people to collaborate with the aim of a publication.

At the time I was not really aware of how it all works, so I was curious. I had responded and luckily she chose me as the Make-Up Artist.

When the team was complete we started shooting in a studio in Amsterdam.

Everything was neatly arranged, a call sheet had been sent in advance so that everyone knew what to do so that everything runs smoothly. I really enjoyed the team there was a good vibe and everyone was really nice. It was a long day...  at the end it is up to the photographer to edit and send the photos out.

So her plan was to send it to Kavyar.

Kavyar is a photo submission platform for fashion/beauty magazines, and a network for creative professionals. By streamlining the editorial photo submission process, they allow for publications to manage visual content uploading, validation, communication, and rights management with the artists directly. Additionally, Kavyar connects creatives with each other by providing a platform to share work with peers and publications.

So she had a few magazines in mind to send the photo's to, each magazine has its own theme, unfortunately they thought our photos did not match their theme. that was a bit of a disappointment ... but Cinta did not give up and made some adjustments in its processing. And still send it to other magazines..It took quite a while…. But it was worth the wait because... We made it !!! The imirage magazine had approved everything and even wanted to use the photo for the cover!!

You can view the magazine online or order it offline on payment. What I did of course :D here are some of the other pictures...

Photographer: Cinta Janssen

Model: Bregje Carolisabeth

Stylist: Linda Nouta

Designer: Loko

Make-Up & Hair by me!

©2020 Amy Lopulissa

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